Sunday, November 15, 2009

Windows TortoiseGit client for a linux Gitosis server

Tortoise git is really nice Graphical tool to handle git repository. You need to download TortoiseGit from here. First of all as we discussed earlier you need to install msysgit first. Then install the Tortoisegit and install it. While installing it Select open ssh client option for authentication method.
And completely install it and restart your computer. First of all you should add the msysgit path for this system. Tortoisegit gets the git options from msysgit. Right click on your desktop and go to settings,Set the path to the bin of the msysgit. Now setting your authentication on the server should be set. For that TortoiseGit has shipped putty Keygen for generate keys. But in this case, since we are connecting with a linux server the private keys which generate by putty key gen won't be recognize by the server. Since that you will not recognized correctly at the server end. To avoid this inconvenience you can create ssh keys through ssh-keygen. On your command prompt.

Do not use puttyGen in this case to create key pairs.

Go to your account on the windows os(i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\Janaka), check whether there is a folder called ".ssh" if not, create it using command prompts "mkdir .ssh" command. This is the place we keep your key pairs. keys you generated (, id_rsa) copy to this folder. Now follow the usual users adding mechanism on git server.Click here for more info.
Now you can go to any location on your computer and right click select option git clone... or git zync you will receive following screen. Put the remote URL as to your git repository. git@ It will import the repository to your local folder. Like wise all the operations can be done through GUI. You don't have to type git commands on doing this.
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  1. I was stuck on getting this to work, and your post help me a lot, great!

    I have something to add: the public key of the user on the Windows side needs to be in the "gitosis-admin/keydir" directory. The key filename has to be the same as the user name given in the "gitosis-admin/gitosis.config" file in the members sections. Finally, a small:

    git add gitosis-admin/keydir/keyfilename
    git commit -a -m "add key"
    git push

    will update the server

  2. Thank you.....
    I have forgot to say renaming public key at post....
    I ll edit it....

  3. Is the gitosis administrator can be a windows user ?

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  5. Yes, administrator can be a windows user...
    Any listed in "gitosis-admin" group at the gitosis config file, will be considered as an admin.....

    [group gitosis-admin]
    writable = gitosis-admin
    members = janaka@versioncontrol

    More work with config file and editing projects visit This link

  6. If you know how to install and configure gitosis server on centos visit