Thursday, April 16, 2009

Problems addressed by using SI

Swarm intelligence use to solve lot of problems in the current context. We use Ant colony like context and study them well to apply for problematic situations at the real world.
When the scientists going through the researches on they have came across some useful behaviors to apply solve problems.

1. Foraging and Optimization
Usually ants goes to the nearest and most promising food source. They use mechanism to find the shortest and most promising food source by using their own methods. One of them is, two ants go in two ways to find the food sources. The ant which came first is come back to the colony with leaving some pheromone (essence) on its way. Because of that, the ant which is coming next (3rd ant) goes on 1st ants way. When the 2nd ant come back to the colony the 1st ant’s way has laid more pheromone s. Since that other ants go on the path of 1st ant went. So that, it becomes the optimize way to find food.
In computer context we use the above intelligence to create network optimization. Swarm intelligence based network optimization is a very important concept to optimize the networks depends on the feed backs of the messages.

2. Routing
Routing is the mechanism to handle the message on switching station. In this case “AntNet” is a developed model of Routing for communication systems using swarm intelligence. There are few more algorithms which developed by using swarm intelligence. But “AntNet” is the most favorite one.
When a colony trying to forage, the pheromone laid by another colony repel to add pheromone. So, that route will not allow foraging this colony. This kind of architecture helps to load balance of a network system. That’s only a one solution to decide routing. Likewise, lots of applications are there to implement efficient Routing systems.

3. Clustering and Sorting, Larvae and data
There are lots of optimization methods using Swarm Intelligence. Mainly it has been used Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Practical Swarm Optimization (PSO) methods to develop them.
If we take an example on Ant Colony, they use to collect and group their dead bodies in order to keep the colony clean. The scientists studied this and developed clustering methods to apply in real world context.

4. Division of Labor
Usually swarm systems are doing their works by Dividing among them to achieve. For example in a honeybee colony, each of the have specialized certain task for each bee. Basically it depends on the age of a bee. But if a particular bee wants to do more tasks, they can do it too.

5. Cooperative Transport
This is a very general characteristic of having with all Swarm Systems. For example a single ant can’t bring a little bit bigger food part to the colony. There should be many ants to carry it. All of them get together and bring it to their place.
This technique is uses to create some robots, which are having some huge tasks to do. They make the system, which is a collection of a small part to carry much larger weight.

What is swarm intelligence?????

Basically, Swarm intelligence is a great nature of live world on the earth. “Swarm Intelligence is a type of Artificial Intelligence, based on the collective behavior of decentralized, self organized system”, Which was defined by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in 1989 regarding the Cellular Robotic System.

According to this definition, we come across with few new words like “Collective behavior”, “Decentralized” and “Self Organized”.

“Collective behavior” refers to social processes and events which go beyond current structure and execute them with their own willingness.

“Decentralized” refers to the ruling governance or the administration is more spread and more closure to the community (Ants, bees, birds, humans, etc).

“Self-Organized ” refers that manage or guided the system by self without interaction of outside source.

Since that we can justify the definition in such a way that, “Swarm Intelligence is a type of artificial intelligence which is computerizing the nature of a society which is having distributed administration and independent”. So that, basically this is talking about societies which is having groups and concepts like unity of them.