Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Proof that Muttiah Muralitharan does not chuck


  1. චක් නෝරිස් තමයි චක් දාන්නෙ....

  2. It is not about degrees alone. Murli's perpetual bent elbow has been justified by a "congenital birth defect", thereby arguing that since it is impossible for him to NOT bend his elbow any less than that, he is doing no wrong. He can't help it!

    Well, a counter argument is that a blind man is barred from driving, because he is incapable of doing so. We can sympathise with him, but the rules just don't allow him to drive. It is illegal! Similarly, if Murli has a "congenital birth defect", such that he MUST bowl with a bent elbow, he surely deserves our sympathies, but we simply can't allow him to bowl, because it definitely gives him an unfair advantage!